Katherine Fristrom

Katherine Fristrom is a sophomore at the Cambridge School of Weston. She has been a part of Watertown Children’s Theatre and MCA for ten years. She first found out about WCT’s CYC (backstage) program when she was in first grade, and says she immediately knew it was where she was meant to be. She’s been working hard in the CYC program since 6th grade and is now starting her second year of being a company member. Her specialties are stage management and props. “MCA has become my home over the ten years I’ve been involved;” she says, “it has helped me grow and become who I am today.”

What’s your earliest memory of the arts?

I have felt I have been involved in the arts my entire life but my first real memory is this: My cousins did Backyard Shakespeare for many years and since I was 10 years younger I was always the youngest actor. The first show I remember was Macbeth where I played the cat. This role of course does not exist, but it was written in for me. I got to sit with the witch and meow when needed. I was not yet able to read and so could not have a speaking part but was still included.

Do you have a favorite memory or story about MCA?

My favorite story is the tale of the Ring Pop. On stage right there is a Ring Pop on the molding above the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. It was put there by an actor who can climb anything, and I believe it has been there for five years. That is until someone tried to get it down recently, though they did not succeed and you can still slightly spy it. This tale has been passed down from crew member to crew member at WCT so it is almost an urban legend by now. 

How have you stayed connected to the arts these past eight months?

I have spent a lot of time sewing during quarantine. I have been involved with WCT’s Short Play Festival and also participated in an online theater camp. I have watched recorded shows along with seeing a socially distanced live performance of Godspell in the Berkshires. (This performance truly made me happy seeing that hope is not lost and the arts will prevail.)

Who’s your favorite artist (of any form—visual arts, theater, music, dance)?

Gosh this is hard. I think I would have to go with Audra McDonald. She has been a huge name in my house for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to meet her a couple of years ago and she is truly amazing.

Do you have a favorite musical or play?

Into The Woods, or A Midsummer’s Night Dream. I have loved both of these shows for a long time. They both play with fairies and fairy tales, and as I have grown I have ended up just loving them more.

Do you have a favorite quote about the arts or one you’d like to share?


To learn more about Katherine Fristrom, visit her website.

Published by MCA

The Mosesian Center for the Arts is a vibrant multi-disciplinary community arts organization in Watertown, Massachusetts. The 30,000 square foot Center, located within a former United States Army arsenal, includes a 340-seat main stage theater, a 100-seat black box theater, exhibition galleries, rehearsal halls, classrooms, and resident artist studios. Program offerings include visual and performing arts classes and workshops for all ages, literary and art discussions, and world-class theatrical and musical performances. Regionally recognized and acclaimed, Watertown Children’s Theatre proudly serves as MCA’s flagship performing arts education program, providing exceptional theater arts classes and performances for youth and families. New Repertory Theatre is the award-winning professional theater company in residence at MCA, and the venue is rented to other outstanding performing arts companies in the Greater Boston region.

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